A TUB of garlic sauce has been thrown at a car in North Berwick Tesco car park in a bizarre revenge attack.

Cameron Paton, 23 from East Lothian, threw the sauce in an alleged retaliation, as he claims the occupants of the other car did the same to him a week earlier in Edinburgh.

Mr Paton told the Courier: “I was driving up town for my birthday last week and this Ford Galaxy was right up the back of the car along the road.

"I let them pass, and they waited up ahead and chucked a tub of garlic sauce at my car for absolutely no reason (see image below).

East Lothian Courier:

“I was so annoyed. I kept a tub of garlic sauce in my car just in case I ever saw them again, and I couldn’t believe it, but they drove past me today in North Berwick. I quickly jumped in my car and followed them.

"They stopped to take out cash at the Tesco and that’s when I jumped out and threw the garlic sauce at them."

He added that the tub of garlic sauce was "the ones you get with pizzas, just the wee ones”.