A CALL has been made for greater CCTV coverage in Tranent town centre – after it emerged two cameras were missing.

Ward councillor Kenny McLeod has been meeting with East Lothian Council officials and hopes to meet with senior police officers in a bid to see the CCTV cameras reinstated.

Mr McLeod was hopeful Police Scotland could help fund the replacement cameras, which are monitored by local authority staff.

The councillor said: “CCTV cameras are a deterrent – end of.

“Tranent is two down, I know we had been one down for a long time.

“They are not replacing them and that is my argument. I want something in place and want to make sure there is a rolling programme but I don’t see anything in the council budget.”

CCTV cameras are used by East Lothian Council staff to monitor any potential incidents or anti-social behaviour. Information can then be passed on to police if any crime has been committed.

Mr McLeod raised the issue at a recent town community council meeting and aims to meet with police to discuss the situation.

A spokeswoman for East Lothian Council said: “East Lothian Council monitors 78 CCTV locations across the county which are primarily situated within the main streets of each town.

“Unfortunately, some CCTV cameras have been vandalised beyond repair and the council is currently reviewing its CCTV camera locations, including giving consideration to relocating cameras from ‘quieter’ areas to areas of more ‘concern’ where possible.

“Currently, the council meets the full costs of operating the CCTV network of just over £100,000 per annum and which has proven invaluable in helping to identify localised incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour.

“We also know that the presence of the cameras also provides reassurance for local residents within their communities.”