A MAN was airlifted from North Berwick Law after he and two others became stuck there.

At about 2.30am this morning, North Berwick Coastguard Rescue Team were called out to help the Scottish Ambulance Service after reports of the men being stuck on the Law.

A spokesperson for the coastguard rescue team said: "Arriving on scene with officers from Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Police Scotland, East Lothian Police and the Scottish Ambulance SORT team, an immediate multi-agency discussion was had to determine the best rescue method.

"Mountain rescue from Border Search and Rescue Unit attended in support also.

"Technicians from fire and MRT made contact with the persons on the face of the Law to stabilise the casualties.

"After assessment, we requested the assistance of the coastguard rescue helicopter from Prestwick.

"Teams from Fisherrow Coastguard, Dunbar Coastguard and Eyemouth Coastguard attended to assist with longer rope gear and to set up a landing site for the coastguard helicopter.

"Two of the casualties were able to be walked off the Law, uninjured. A third casualty was winched and transferred for onward care at hospital.

"Following recovery of all equipment and rescue personnel, teams debriefed and stood down."