REVISED plans for a “retirement village” on the edge of North Berwick will be revealed next month.

A 60-bed care home was originally planned for a site sandwiched between Glen Golf Club and the A198 on the eastern edge of the town.

However, the revised plans, which make up a Proposal of Application Notice (PAN), now show the developers, Goldcrest Communities Ltd and Richmond Care Village Holdings Ltd, looking at a site to the south of the A198, between Bass Rock View and Rhodes Holdings.

When the original plans were submitted in September last year, a campaign group, Save North Berwick Views, was established in opposition to the proposals.

Angela Paterson, from the group, told the Courier that their previous concerns remained in place, despite the location change.

She said: “We don’t see moving 20 metres really being a big difference – it is literally the other side of the road.

“Some of the issues and challenges with regards to the environment, wildlife, the views, the neighbourhood – all those things remain the same.

“It still impacts on the potential drainage onto the Glen Golf Club.

“One of the biggest problems we have is who is to say if they built on that field that they do not build on every field between there and Whitekirk?

“They are all small things compared to the one big objection we have.

“The Scottish Government adopted the Local Development Plan at the end of last year and to build on this field would go against guidelines approved by the Scottish Government.”

Details about the revised proposals are still in the early stages.

The new application is described as: “Erection of 60 bed care home; up to 150 private accommodation units for residents aged 55 and over; community health centre; community hub; outdoor recreational uses; SUDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage System); access arrangements; landscaping and associated uses.”

Philippa Fieldhouse, managing director for Richmond Villages, said: “While it’s very early days, we are exploring a possible site in North Berwick area for a Richmond retirement village.

“North Berwick is a beautiful town and, wherever we establish a village, we’ll always make sure the buildings are in keeping with their local surroundings.

“Building strong community links are another essential part of our village way of life. As well as creating homes, wellness facilities and jobs in the local area, our villages often act as a hub for local people.”

Wellness facilities in other retirement villages include spas, including fitness studios and gyms, as well as heated pools, beauty therapy lounges, hair salon and nail bars.

Members of the public can see the plans for Castleton Farm for the first time at North Berwick Community Centre on May 20, 2-8pm.

The town’s community council, which met last week, noted the new plans were now available on East Lothian Council’s website.

Judy Lockhart, chairwoman, said: “The community council will discuss the application in full once it has been made. Prior to this, it is difficult to make any judgement other than to say that the PAN shows that the site has moved to the south of the A198 between Bass Rock View and Rhodes Holdings.

“It will be interesting to see what else has changed as whilst the blocking of the view was a notable concern, there were also many other concerns.”