NEW ties are to be introduced at Knox Academy to recognise achievements at the secondary school.

Pupils were asked for their thoughts on the idea of new ties, one of which would mark achievements with the second tie to represent each of the school’s houses – Garleton, Lammerlaw and Traprain.

Sue Cook, headteacher, said: “Our school values are ambition, respect and community.

“We have been focusing on all these values throughout the year but a recent pupil survey highlighted that pupils wanted us to be better at us recognising their achievements both in and out of school.

“After consulting with a group of pupils, parents and staff, the idea of an achievement tie was agreed.

“This tie can be awarded for a variety of reasons such as representing school teams over the season, supporting or leading others in the school or wider community, and working diligently in all school subjects throughout the year.”

The new ties, which will replace the existing navy blue version featuring the school logo, will form part of the school uniform from the 2020/21 session.

Miss Cook, who became headteacher at the school last year, encouraged parents and carers to get in touch with the school about the achievements of youngsters.

She added: “We have such an array of talent here it would be a shame not to recognise and reward this.

“Achievement ties are paid for by the school.”

Each of the 740 pupils at the school had the chance to vote for two options on the house tie.

Parents and carers were also given the chance to give their views on the proposals.

The house ties will feature a diagonal band, with the colour – green, yellow or red – representing the pupil’s house – Garleton, Lammerlaw and Traprain.

Meanwhile, youngsters and parents and carers were also given a choice regarding the achievement ties.

The most popular option will result in different ties for senior pupils and BGE (S1-S3) pupils.

Senior pupils will have a tie with two gold diagonal stripes and a stripe representing their house, with the younger pupils only having a single gold band and a stripe representing their house.