DOG owners have been reminded to keep their pets under control after five dead lambs were found near Garvald recently.

Police issued the warning and highlighted the stress that can be caused to livestock when they are worried by dogs.

A spokesman said: “Chasing by dogs can do serious damage to livestock, even if the dog doesn’t catch them.

“The stress of chasing/worrying by dogs can cause animals to die and pregnant stock to miscarry.

“Livestock fleeing from dogs are often killed or seriously injured by their panicked attempts to escape, often causing significant collateral damage to fences and field boundaries in the process.

“Dogs chasing ewes and lambs can cause them to separate, with lambs dying from starvation or hypothermia if they fail to find the ewe again.

“Dog owners can help by avoiding exercising their dogs near fields or other areas where there is livestock. If you do find yourself and your dog near to sheep or other livestock, keep your dog on a short lead or close at heel and keep your distance from the animals.”