A GROUP of North Berwick High School and Law Primary School students will be attending the Students Strike Against Climate Change Edinburgh event tomorrow morning (Friday) at the Scottish Parliament.

The NBHS Eco Committee have encouraged students to travel by public transport to attend the rally campaigning for stronger government action to combat climate change.

The Edinburgh protest is one of many around the world that are happening tomorrow morning, where school children are walking out of classes to protest climate change.

The protest starts at 9am outside the Scottish Parliament.

An East Lothian Council spokesperson said: “We want to support our young people as global citizens to have their voice and to be able to express their views on important matters such as climate change.

"The safety and wellbeing of our young people is of paramount importance to us. We would therefore ask that any young person who wishes to attend this event first discusses it with their parent or carer before notifying the headteacher of the intention to be absent from school on this date.

"Given that the young person will not be on school premises at this time, and therefore not the responsibility of school staff, they will be marked as having had an unauthorised absence.”