DETAILED plans for 150 new homes on the outskirts of Gullane are being considered by East Lothian Council.

CALA Homes already has planning permission in principle for the site at Saltcoats Field, on the village’s south-eastern edge.

Now they will look for the local authority to approve the design, which includes eight three-bedroom apartments and 30 three-bedroom detached and semi-detached homes.

A further 74 properties are split into 45 four-bedroom detached villas and 29 five-bedroom detached villas.

Registered Social Landlord People for Places will also provide 38 affordable properties.

That will be made up of eight one-bedroom apartments and a dozen two-bedroom apartments.

Ten two-bedroom semi-detached properties will also be created, alongside eight three-bedroom semi-detached homes.

Tom Drysdale, chairman of the village’s community council, which also covers Dirleton, Aberlady, West Fenton and Drem, said: “Planning permission in principle was given some time ago.

“What they have applied for is detailed planning permission.

“We have been looking at that, the community council has been looking at that, and I think we accept there is not much point nit-picking about the development – it is going to happen.”

However, Mr Drysdale felt there were details of the plans that could be improved.

The main point was the lack of connectivity between the existing properties in the village and the proposed development site.

Mr Drysdale said: “They are big houses, with two cars, and people are simply going to use their cars.

“That was the area we have written in, making those comments, and hope the council will take on board.”

According to the developer, the proposals will help to meet the growing need for new family homes in the local area, with the properties appealing to a diverse range of buyers.

The development will also see CALA invest a further £2.4m into local infrastructure, including schools, transport, sports pitches, play equipment and rail contributions.

Other proposals by CALA include a footway from Gullane to West Fenton, forming part of the Drem-Gullane Core Path link.

Derek Lawson, land director with CALA Homes (East), said: “Saltcoats Field will be a logical follow-on from our current developments in Gullane.

“Subject to the planning process, we hope to be in position to commence development in 2020, with homes for sale being available in 2021.”