YOUNGSTERS in Wallyford are enjoying life in their new primary school.

The move to the new £18.9million Wallyford Primary School took place on February 20.

Mhairi Stratton, headteacher, said: “I’ve been really impressed at how quickly the children have settled into their new school. They’re enjoying the outdoor space and the freedom it gives them.

“The more open classroom layouts are also great and very flexible for learning and play.”

As pupils settle into the new school, which boasts 28 classrooms and a further four nursery playrooms, East Lothian Council is in the process of securing land for a second high school for the Musselburgh area.

The approval of the new high school, which will be built on land near Dolphingstone and take in students from the Pinkie area of Musselburgh, as well as Wallyford, was given at a meeting of East Lothian Council in December 2016.

The new high school was expected to begin taking in pupils from August 2020, or as soon as possible after that date.

But the council then wrote to all concerned to tell them that the expected opening of the school had now been put back to August 2022.

The decision to build a new secondary school near Wallyford followed a public consultation after it became clear that Musselburgh Grammar School would not be able to cope with the expected influx of new residents as a result of extensive housebuilding in Musselburgh and Wallyford.

Three options were put forward: extend the current Grammar building; create an upper and lower school on two campuses; or build a new secondary school to complement Musselburgh Grammar.

The council said a clear majority was in favour of building a new school but some labelled the consultation “flawed”.

An East Lothian Council spokesperson said: “We are in the process of securing the land for a new secondary provision for the Musselburgh area. Our capital budget for the five-year period 19/20-23/24 has allocated £35.456m towards the project and developer contributions will be secured towards this investment.”

No decision has been taken on the future of the former Wallyford Primary School building at Salters Road, which was too small to accommodate the rising population.

Land was secured on the east side of the town on the St Clement’s Wells development to create a new primary school campus to offer room for modern educational facilities for a growing school population, surrounded by plenty of outdoor space.

The council spokesperson said: “Now that the new Wallyford Primary School is open and functioning, we are in the final stages of moving equipment from the old school.

“No decision has been taken on the future of the former school site but the council will be considering options.”