GHOSTS beware, as Dunbar Town House and Cockenzie House are once again opening their doors to allow the UK Ghost Nights team in to give hints and tips to the public on how to find and communicate with spirits.

The two events will be taking place in the coming months.

Lisa Tedstill, company owner of UK Ghost Nights said: “It’s all about the personal experience, the emotions, and sometimes the giggling and laughing. It’s about the camaraderie. It’s a great way to view history, and there have been many spooky things happening in these places.”

The night involves a tour of the building by a medium, then the chance to use high-tech ghost hunting equipment for experiments, as well as more standard methods such as seances and spirit boards.

“We like to give people a chance to see and use lots of new things and provide a good mix of the technical and the traditional,” added Lisa.

“It’s great here in East Lothian as there is so much history in these buildings.”

The ghost hunts are at Dunbar Town House on March 16 and Cockenzie House on April 13, both 9pm-2am.