A SPECIAL garden offering people a space for quiet contemplation could be created within the heart of a Tranent park.

Dementia Friendly Tranent is looking to create a Garden of Reflection within Polson Park.

Already, the group is looking to secure funding for the scheme, which it is thought will cost in the region of £150,000 to £160,000.

Paula Waugh is among those involved in the project, which has been on the go for about three years.

She told the Courier that she had originally approached East Lothian Council about the idea of a memory tree and a bench being put in the town’s cemetery in memory of lost babies.

However, discussions with the local authority resulted in the idea of a community garden being created in the park, off the town’s Edinburgh Road.

Paula added: “We don’t want it to be a sad thing but a place with happy memories.”

The new garden would be created between the bandstand and the hedge beside the children’s play area.

Already, plans are being drawn up for the new garden, with various ideas being put forward.

Among those is a large polished stone at the entrance to the area, with wording written on it.

People of Tranent past, present and future will also be able to buy pebbles, which will be set throughout the garden with a name written on them.

According to the plans: “The Garden of Reflection is a place where people can escape and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

“The garden will incorporate heritage features reflecting the historical background of Tranent.

“Within this Garden of Reflection, there will be three main areas.

“The first is a sensory garden to help people with cognitive impairments.

“This also features a fountain.

“Originally, a fountain was donated to the people of Tranent from Mr Polson.

“This fountain was removed to build the War Memorial at Winton Place.

“The second will be a memory area which will feature a memory tree and seating where people can go for quiet contemplation.

“The third is a community area which will have sculptures and a decorative stone walling tree feature.

“The unique sculptures will link to historical Tranent with a miners’ sculpture and a carved stone of Tranent Tower.”

East Lothian Council has agreed to maintain the garden, with various funding applications already having been submitted.

Support has already been received from various departments in East Lothian Council, Fa’side Area Partnership’s area manager Simon Davie, Radio Saltire, Tranent Gala, Blooming Belters, David Orr from The Fraser Centre, Andy Lees from Andrew Wilson Catering, and Joyce Thomson, as well as the town’s community council.

Ward councillor Colin McGinn has also vowed to help the group in any way he can.

Mr McGinn, who lives in the town, said he was “really excited” about the project and added: “I think it is a wonderful idea.

“I’m really, really looking forward to the benefits that it will bring.

“It is just a place where folk can go and remember folk that are not there or relax.

“The whole sensory garden, I think it will be a great benefit to a lot of elderly folk and there is a lot of energy behind the idea.”