AS EAST Lothian and the UK as a whole have been enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures in recent days, there couldn't be much more of a contrast from this time last year.

It is exactly a year since East Lothian and most of Scotland ground to a standstill as it was battered by the 'Beast from the East' snow storm.

Huge quantities of snow, combined with bitterly cold temperatures, saw East Lothian receive the first 'red' weather warning for snow ever issued in Scotland, meaning 'likely' danger of life.

Schools were shut for three days, while many roads became impassable, shops ran low due to supply problems, and there was huge disruption on buses and trains.

Here's how we reported the disruption caused by the storm on the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (February 28 to March 5).

A year on from East Lothian surviving the worst that the 'Beast' could throw at us, here's a few pictures from the snow storm to remember quite how different things were at this time last year!