THE number of ‘police officers’ in Dunbar and surrounding villages has increased with the introduction of PC Jim and Jemima.

The ward’s four community councils – Dunbar, Dunpender, East Lammermuir and West Barns – agreed to fund the two life-sized cut-outs, which are also known as ‘Pop-up Bobs’.

The ‘officers’, who are shown holding a pro-laser speed gun, have already been used elsewhere in Scotland, including the Scottish Borders, Edinburgh and Dundee.

Constable Gavin Ross revealed the new additions during the ward’s community and police partnership (CAPP) meeting last month.

Already, the officers have been used on Dunbar’s Edinburgh Road and other locations, and PC Ross was pleased to say feedback had been positive.

He said: “We had Jim out for a few hours attached to the sign as you are coming into Dunbar on Edinburgh Road where it becomes 20 miles per hour (mph).

“It is a good reminder [to slow down] and, from friends and relatives, the feedback was very interesting and has been the right sort.”

The cut-out officers have been used elsewhere in a bid to urge drivers to slow down in built-up areas.

A 20mph speed limit was recently introduced in Dunbar and East Linton, while concerns about speeding in rural villages like Stenton have also been raised at community meetings.

The officers, which are waterproof, come with a chain so they can be attached to lamp posts and are about six feet tall. They cost about £400 and PC Jemima represents the first time a female cut-out has been used in Scotland.

PC Ross added: “I fully expect some negative feedback saying it is policing on the cheap but I have got my response prepared, which is this is extra, above and beyond, what we will do.

“We will be out doing more speed checks. This is just an added reminder.

“I am getting numerous complaints about speeding in Dunbar. There is no way we can police it all and this is an extra assistance and from what I have heard it works.”

Pippa Swan, chairwoman of Dunbar Community Council, said: “I am incredibly supportive of any initiative proposed by our community police.

“They know our area really well and they believe this will just help to remind people that we should not be breaking the speed limit. If they think it is a good idea, I’m very supportive of it.

“It has been made absolutely clear that it is not policing on the cheap and is a gentle reminder to all to be courteous on the roads.”

The cut-outs can only be used within the Dunbar and East Linton ward, although more could be bought and used elsewhere by other wards in the county.

The pop-up officers will be moved to different locations on a regular basis to ensure they remain effective.