A NEWLY-MARRIED Prestonpans woman locked herself in a toilet after her husband shouted and swore at her before striking a door.

Grant Campbell arrived at his home at the town’s Fowler Court in a drunken state at about 11pm on November 18 last year.

The 26-year-old soon became abusive towards his wife and an argument erupted between the pair.

Neighbours heard the commotion and overheard Campbell’s wife shout “don’t be so violent” as the row escalated.

The woman was forced to lock herself in a toilet while the police were called in by the concerned neighbours.

Solicitor Lesley Cunningham told Edinburgh Sheriff Court that Campbell had been married for just six months and had been out golfing with his father that day; he had drunk alcohol following their round.

Ms Cunningham said that the row started over Campbell “accidentally smashing a glass” while he was in the kitchen and that he soon “lost his temper”.

During last Wednesday’s hearing, the lawyer said that Campbell, a gamekeeper at a local golf club, also struck the door but the offence was “out of character” for him.

The solicitor said that the couple had not been in contact with each other since the incident and she was “unsure if the marriage will continue”.

Sheriff Norman McFadyen fined Campbell a total of £300.

Campbell admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting and swearing at his wife and damaging a door by punching it at Fowler Court, Prestonpans, on November 18 last year.