A FARMER has named and shamed a woman after paperwork in her name was among items dumped on his land.

Unwanted goods ranging from a fridge freezer to bags of bedding were dumped at Trabroun Farm, between Gladsmuir and Elvingston, last Friday evening.

Farmer Fraser Bain got in touch with the woman, who the Courier has decided not to name, but, when he initially received no reply, he highlighted the incident on social media.

He posted images of the rubbish and the dumped paperwork showing the woman’s name and address and telephone number and Tweeted: ******** could have taken all her crap to the East Lothian Council tip but instead kindly donated it to my farm. Don’t be like ********.

The post was retweeted by more than 600 people and liked more than 1,300 times. However, some people questioned whether it was right to share a person’s details online.

Fraser, 27, said: “I was not really expecting more than about 20 people to see it, let alone the barrage of comments. I would say that three-quarters-plus of the comments have been positive but there have been people saying not to share the details.”

On Tuesday, the woman got in touch with Fraser and said she had hired a removals company to dispose of her unwanted goods.

The firm’s details have been passed to Police Scotland.

And Fraser has reported the incident to East Lothian Council – and deleted the tweet.

The farmer said fly-tipping was a county-wide issue and that items were dumped at his farm every few weeks, which they then had to remove themselves.

Fly-tipping in Scotland can result in a fixed penalty notice of £200.

A spokeswoman for East Lothian Council said: “We are grateful to receive any reports of flytipping across East Lothian which are fully investigated in a bid to track down the dumpers.

“Our team will try to establish the source of fly-tipped material and take appropriate action.

“The East Lothian Partnership Against Rural Crime focuses on all aspects of rural crime, including fly-tipping, and our officers are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this case and are speaking to those involved.”