A FAMILY business at the heart of North Berwick is toasting turning 50.

Turnbull’s Home Hardware has been on High Street for half a century.

Lawrence Turnbull was a partner at the business on 23 High Street for a number of years before taking it over in January 1969.

His son David joined the business in 1980 and is still at the helm, with a second store on Dunbar High Street opening four years later.

David told the Courier: “I am incredibly lucky because I realised when I was at school that I would be coming in here.

“I am one of those lucky people who has never dreaded coming into work ever.

“I have always enjoyed it thoroughly and consider myself unbelievably lucky.

“I have got lots of friends and the majority of people are not in jobs that they enjoy but I have had a whole life where I have never thought of not coming in in the morning.”

David worked alongside his brother Kenneth, who left the business in 1990, and said there had been a number of changes over the last 50 years.

The 55-year-old said: “The three things that have affected the business most are the expansion of the multiples – when I came in, there were hardly any B&Qs.

“The next one would be supermarkets adding in the non-food sector.

“Then, obviously more recently, the vast amount and ever-increasing number of online shoppers.”

Lawrence passed away in 1999, shortly before the Dunbar store underwent a sizeable refurbishment.

The business then joined the Home Hardware buying group, something David, who still lives in North Berwick, felt had made a massive difference.

He said: “To mark the occasion, we are giving 10 per cent off everything for one week from Saturday (January 19) in both stores to celebrate our 50-year anniversary and thank everyone for supporting us through the years.”

Now, 20 people are employed across the two stores, including David’s son and daughter Harvey, 17, and Lois, 14, who attend North Berwick High School.

Ward councillor Jim Goodfellow congratulated the business on reaching the impressive milestone.

He said: “The Turnbull family deserve congratulation on bucking national trends on our high streets to celebrate 50 years’ trading in North Berwick.

“Turnbull’s ironmongers has gone from strength to strength over these years, demonstrated by their recent refurbishment.

“I feel that much of this success must be due to their progressive management style, an ability to change with the times, and their really friendly staff who are always welcoming and ready with help and advice.”