EAST Lothian’s MP said he had “no hesitation” in voting against the proposed EU withdrawal deal yesterday (Tuesday).

MPs gathered at Westminster yesterday evening to decide the fate of Prime Minister Theresa May’s EU deal.

However, the majority of MPs, including Martin Whitfield, voted against it.

Mr Whitfield, who is a strong supporter of a People’s Vote, told the Courier he had received more than 1,500 emails from constituents about the deal, with the overwhelming majority urging him to oppose it and give the public the final say on Brexit.

Speaking after the historic Commons vote, which saw 432 MPs vote against the deal, compared to 202 voting in favour, Labour's Mr Whitfield said: “The Prime Minister’s deal was bad for East Lothian, bad for Scotland and bad for the UK.

“I had no hesitation in voting against it this evening and am glad it was rejected.

"I am confident that voting against the deal was in accordance with the wishes of the overwhelming majority of my constituents in East Lothian.

“My primary concern now is to ensure we avoid the catastrophic danger posed by a no-deal Brexit, a situation I believe few in Parliament or the country as a whole want to see.

“I will work with colleagues to ensure we do not go down that path.

“Beyond that, we will see how events unfold over the coming hours and days.

“My own view is that the only fair and democratic way forward is a People’s Vote to give the public the final say on Brexit.”