CONSIDERATION could be given to introducing ‘silent’ fireworks at a community display.

Tranent’s community councillors hailed the success of the town’s fireworks display in November.

However, it was suggested that ‘silent’ fireworks could also be added to the event, which takes place in the town’s Polson Park.

David Forrest, the group’s chairman, said: “All in all, it turned out to be a really good night. There were little or no problems, with one complaint, but it is nothing major.

“There are one or two things to adjust for 2019 but the feeling is to go again at the same venue.”

Fellow community councillor Michael Falconer had a suggestion, though.

He said: “More silent fireworks – it was particularly noisy this year.”

Concerns had been raised on social media by a woman who owns a horse which lives next to the popular park.

She posted on the Courier’s Facebook page that she had to deal with “very distressed” horses.

Ward councillor Colin McGinn was among those at the community council meeting.

Afterwards, he told the Courier: “Quite frankly, I think, in this day and age, we need to consider people’s points of view. I’ve had three people come in and talk to me about silent fireworks.

“I think there might be some kind of middle ground.

“I think there is some merit in investigating it.

“We have to listen. People are concerned about young people with additional needs and also if we are holding events in the middle of the community we need to be paying attention to these concerns.

“I’m not against it, I would like people to consider all options.”

Last year, a similar suggestion was made by Cockenzie and Port Seton Community Council.

There, it was suggested that using an alternative to traditional fireworks would be better for pets, as well as wildlife, livestock and horses in fields, which can be distressed by the loud bangs.

However, ahead of the 2018 display there, Graeme Jeffrey, then Cockenzie & Port Seton’s community council chairman, said: “You can’t actually get silent fireworks.”

Despite the name, there is no such thing as ‘silent’ fireworks – though it is understood that special ‘quieter’ fireworks can be purchased which do make a noise but typically don’t include the large aerial explosions found in traditional shows.

At the meeting in Tranent, Mr Forrest confirmed that about £1,200 had been collected through the event, with money going towards the 2019 display. He said consideration would be given to using ‘silent’ fireworks at the display closer to the time.

Joan Ramsay, treasurer of the community council, added: “I would like to publicly thank Donald Grant and Jim Gillies for their support that they do give us and the amount of work and time they put in for the fireworks. They do a great job.”