A DOG died after being blown into the water at Dunbar Harbour today (Monday).

Dunbar’s lifeboat volunteers raced to help a man who jumped into the harbour to rescue his dog after it was swept into the water in strong winds.

The alarm was raised by fishermen at noon after the Chihuahua puppy fell into the harbour in force 6 winds with gusts of 30mph.

The dog’s 21-year-old owner went into the water after his pet but wasn’t able to reach the dog.

He managed to swim to the other side and pulled himself up a ladder.

As crew members tended to the man, another volunteer swam out and reached the dog. Holding it above the swell, he and another crew member brought the puppy ashore.

Volunteers fought to save the animal and rushed it to a vet in the town, while an ambulance arrived to take the man to hospital for treatment.

Sadly, the dog did not recover.

A spokesperson for Dunbar RNLI said the tragic incident highlighted the dangers facing people when walking dogs close to water.

The spokesperson added: "The RNLI’s advice is to keep dogs on a lead if close to cliff edges or fast-flowing rivers. If a dog enters the water or gets stuck in mud, don't go after it. Move to a place the animal can reach safely and call. In most cases, the dog will probably get out by itself. If worried, call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard.

"The crew’s thoughts go to the dog’s owner and family."