THREE youngsters managed to get a photograph with Hollywood star Benedict Cumberbatch after a chance meeting in a Gullane café.

Emma van der Vijver was visiting The Goose on the Green along with her sons Harrison and Lawson and their cousin, Ava, last Thursday lunch time.

She said: “We were just in there sitting having some lunch and it was my brother-in-law Steve Scrivener who spotted him ordering a coffee.

“I had no idea that Benedict Cumberbatch was Dr Strange and my two boys had Marvel tops on and one was dressed as Spiderman.”

Five-year-old Lawson, six-year-old Ava and Harrison, eight, approached the star, who is due to star again as Dr Strange in Avengers: Endgame, which is due to be released later this year.

Emma added: “They went up and said hi.

“I think he wanted to be incognito but he chatted to them.

“I think he was in for a coffee and had a beanie hat on but he was a lovely guy.

“He took the selfie himself and no-one else noticed.”

Emma told the Courier she was unsure what the star of BBC’s Sherlock was doing in the village.