TWO community council stalwarts with more than 80 years of service between them have been honoured.

Stephen Bunyan and Jimmy Yule were among the invited guests at the Provost’s Christmas Reception at John Muir House last Thursday.

Mr Bunyan was long-standing chairman of Dunbar Community Council and one of only four people to have held the position since the group was formed in 1976.

Meanwhile, Mr Yule was a member of Prestonpans Community Council for more than four decades and was chairman for 10 years between 2007 and 2017.

Provost John McMillan was joined by Angela Leitch, chief executive of East Lothian Council, in John Muir House in Haddington for the ceremony.

Both Mr Bunyan and Mr Yule were presented with engraved glasses to mark their efforts.

Mr McMillan said: “East Lothian is fortunate to have communities who are so committed to improving life for others.

“Many individuals freely give up so much of their own time to support groups, clubs or neighbours achieve a better quality of life.

“I would like to thank those here from our community councils who work tirelessly on behalf of their communities.

“I am pleased to mention two long-serving community councillors – Jimmy Yule of Prestonpans Community Council, who has served for more than 40 years and the last 10 as chair; thank you and enjoy your retirement – [and] Stephen Bunyan of Dunbar Community Council is also stepping down but not completely.

“A member of Dunbar Community Council since it was formed in the mid 1970s, Stephen has stepped down as chairman but will continue to serve as a community councillor.”

Former Dunbar Grammar School teacher Mr Bunyan stepped down as chairman in October and was replaced by Pippa Swan. He was presented with a portrait as a gift.

A number of council officials also attended Dunbar Community Council’s final meeting of the year on Monday, where Mr Bunyan thanked them for their assistance over his years in charge.

He said: “I was rather taken aback [at the Provost’s reception]. I was sitting minding my own business when I was ordered to come forward.

“It was very good of the Provost to say some kind words.”

Meanwhile, Mr Yule told the Courier: “It is good when somebody recognises the work you have done. I have always got on well with the council.”

Fellow community councillors had given Mr Yule a painting of Prestonpans as a retirement gift.