NEW life will be breathed into an “iconic building” after it was confirmed it had a future.

Concerns have repeatedly been raised about the future and condition of the former Tranent Infant School.

However, East Lothian councillor Colin McGinn gave the town’s community council some good news when he confirmed it would be brought back into use.

Mr McGinn, who lives in the town, said: “We have got confirmation about the infant school.

“It is going to form part of the early years provision going forward, we have managed to confirm that.

“Whether it is nursery or early primary, it is going to be secured for that area of work.”

East Lothian Council officials are now working on a report on what can be done with the building, off Sanderson’s Wynd.

Mr McGinn stressed there was “no timescale” for when any work could take place but was pleased to see progress being made.

He said: “I think it is a great move. It is an iconic building in Tranent and one that nobody wanted to see it disused for as long as it has been.

“Some of us have been involved for a long time trying to resurrect it.

“I’m really pleased it will be early years and to have the sound of kids running about there again. It will be a real boost for that area.”

The building has lain empty and unused for more than a decade, with the school shutting in 2007.

Since then it has proven a popular gathering place for youths in the area and has regularly been targeted by vandals.

Mr McGinn said there would be further barriers to overcome before the building was welcoming children again.

He added: “The next hurdle will be finding money.”

However, he was confident that with a use identified for the building, which has CCTV to try to deter potential vandals, money could be found.

He added: “I’m really glad it is not getting knocked down or being a lump of concrete anymore.

“It is an iconic building and a lot of people have family that were educated there.

“The fact it is going to continue to educate our young folk through early years I think is the right thing for the building.”

A spokeswoman for East Lothian Council confirmed they were looking to utilise the building in the future but stressed that no final decision had been taken on its use.

She said: “Discussions and options for the future use of the former Tranent Infant School have put forward housing and education as the lead choices.

“The preferred option currently appears to be for the use for early years and childcare expansion but a full report is currently being compiled and will be presented to a full council meeting for decision.”