A GARAGE worker was called a “blonde bimbo” by a Musselburgh woman who had been banned from the garage shop.

Jaclyn Reynolds went to the Shell garage on the town’s Edinburgh Road in the early hours of March 23 and began abusing the employee after being told she was not welcome.

Reynolds, 39, had previously been barred from the Edinburgh Road garage and began abusing the employee after being ordered to leave the premises.

Reynolds appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court last Thursday where she admitted behaving in an aggressive manner by shouting, swearing and acting aggressively at the garage.

Prosecutor Clare Crompton told the court that Reynolds arrived at the 24-hour garage at about 4.30am and there was just one employee working inside.

Ms Crompton said that Reynolds was “known to the complainer as she is not allowed in the [garage] shop” following previous incidents.

Reynolds, currently staying with her mother in Port Seton, was asked to leave the premises but began verbally abusing the female worker by calling her “a blonde bimbo” and pointing at her “in an aggressive manner”. The Shell employee was said to have been left “scared” by the altercation and felt compelled to “back off” due to Reynolds’ aggressive demeanour.

Solicitor Colm Dempsey said that Reynolds believed she had never been “formally excluded” from the garage but conceded that she had “overreacted” to the situation.

The lawyer added that his unemployed client had committed “no physical violence” during the altercation and “she should have left the premises but she didn’t”.

Sheriff Peter Braid also heard that Reynolds had recently completed a drug treatment order and he decided to defer sentence to January 25 for the preparation of bcakground reports.