A COCKENZIE man who turned up at his former partner’s home and refused to leave after walking in uninvited will be sentenced next month.

Scott Hardie, of Winton Park, also acted aggressively towards two men during the incident at an address at Rig Place, Aberlady, in October.

Hardie, 36, arrived at the home of the woman and let himself through an unlocked door before telling her he was not leaving.

The woman called a friend, Sunny Ahmed, and he called the police before heading towards the home.

Once the police had arrived, Hardie began threatening two men with violence and he was arrested.

Fiscal depute Mark Keane told Edinburgh Sheriff Court: “On October 6 at around 7.30am the woman was within her home and the accused walked through an open door into the living room. She asked him to leave and then she called the police.

“The police spoke to the accused in the front room and the woman was said to have looked fearful. She didn’t want to make a complaint but wanted him removed from the house.

“On leaving the property, the accused saw Mr Ahmed and Richard Gordon and began shouting abuse and threats towards them.”

The Crown also moved for a non-harassment order to be granted against Hardie.

Defending solicitor Rebecca Weissgerber said her client now acknowledged the relationship he had with the woman was over and told the court that Hardie had analogous convictions. She said the five-year relationship was at an end and that he had turned up that day “hoping for them to get back together”.

Sheriff John Cook deferred sentence for the preparation of social work reports.

Hardie admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by entering a home uninvited, refusing to leave, acting aggressively towards Sunny Ahmed and Richard Gordon, and uttering threats of violence at Rig Street, Aberlady, on October 6.