A15-YEAR-OLD schoolboy spent the night in hospital after he was among a group of students hit by a car on a pedestrian crossing outside Musselburgh Grammar School on Wednesday.

Headteacher Colin Gerrie witnessed the accident, which happened as students were leaving at the end of the school day.

Mr Gerrie went to the aid of the teenager and called an ambulance.

He was treated for severe bruising after he was struck by a white Honda Civic which failed to stop as the lights turned to red.

It later transpired two other pupils, a male and a female, were also struck by the car but had left the scene and reported minor injuries the following day.

It is understood the elderly driver, who is in his seventies, told police his brakes had failed.

The accident happened at the Newbigging crossing between the school and Lewisvale Park around 4pm.

A police spokesperson said: "The teenagers, two boys and a girl suffered minor injuries - one was taken to hospital as a precaution. The driver, in his 70s, was unhurt. Inquiries into the collision are ongoing."

East Lothian Council said: "There was an unfortunate accident which involved three Musselburgh Grammar pupils being struck by a car while they were using a peddestrian crossing .

"Thankfully they only sustained minor injuries and are returning to school in the next few days."