AN EAST Lothian primary school teacher who left her pupils feeling “distressed and scared”, including ridiculing one child in front of the class, has been removed from the teaching register.

Averil Herriot was employed by East Lothian Council and admitted several allegations from between 2014 and 2016.

A convener of a Fitness to Teach Panel issued a ‘removal with consent order’ after the teacher indicated a desire to have her name withdrawn from the register.

The teacher admitted that, during the 2015/16 school session at an East Lothian primary school, and whilst subject to a written warning, she repeatedly shouted and made inappropriate comments at her class.

She also admitted using a bell in class to gain attention and implementing whole-class sanctions, particularly removing ‘golden time’ from the entire class.

She admitted failure to support pupils in their learning and causing the pupils to feel “distressed, upset, anxious and scared”.

In February 2016, the teacher admitted using inappropriate and derogatory language towards a pupil, calling the child “cowardly” and stating: “If you cannot answer you should be in nursery.”

She also admitted ridiculing the child in front of the class and instructing the child not to “squeeze out a tear because there is nothing there”.

The teacher also admitted that between October 2014 and April 2015 she behaved aggressively towards a colleague in the classroom, causing them to “feel undermined and undervalued”.

She also admitted behaving in a confrontational, obstructive and aggressive way towards members of senior management and speaking aggressively to pupils.

The teacher agreed with the disposal order to remove her from the General Teaching Council for Scotland register. She cannot re-apply to the register for two years.

An East Lothian Council spokesperson said: “The individual is no longer in the employment of the council and it would be inappropriate to comment further.”