AN EXCITING festival featuring international dance artists putting their stamp on sporting events takes place in East Lothian at the end of the month.

At Your Leisure aims to re-imagine recreation by bringing together leading dance artists to showcase performances inspired by sports.

Between October 29 and November 3, festival-goers will also have the opportunity to try out the sporting activities in a fun and friendly atmosphere after the performances.

The festival, which takes place across Edinburgh and East Lothian, aims to redefine the meaning of ‘performance sport’, transforming football pitches, gym halls, climbing centres and swimming pools into performance spaces.

Anthony Mills, festival co-ordinator, said: “Sport inspires millions, whether it’s watching or playing.

“The hours of practice, the thrill of performing and playing in front those watching.

“It is the same for dance and when dance artists take their unique vision and apply it to sport it makes us see the sports we know in a whole new light.

“Working with young people in East Lothian and Edinburgh, we sought the artists making the most exciting sports-related shows around the world. By performing in unusual spaces, they bring dance to a wider audience that appreciates physical performance in a different way.

“In combining a programme of performances, workshops and taster sessions, At Your Leisure is a festival that blurs the boundaries between play and performance.”

With a public and schools programme, shows include La Partida (The Match) from a Spanish company taking place at the Pennypit, Prestonpans, which sheds a new light on the beautiful game, as well as The Gentle Way at North Berwick Leisure Centre from Austrian-based Hungry Sharks, which takes hold of judo as its inspiration.

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