MONEY from a housebuilder could be used to install traffic lights on a bridge across the railway line in North Berwick that residents have described as an “accident waiting to happen”.

Cash set aside by Cala Homes and currently with East Lothian Council could be used to install lights on the bridge at Ware Road.

The bridge is used by motorists and pedestrians – and is a key route to school for children going to and from the high school and primary school – but its narrowness does not allow for a raised pavement.

Residents attended a North Berwick Community Council (NBCC) meeting last week to share their “near-miss” experiences.

Ian Watson, a long-serving community councillor, put forward traffic lights as a possible solution.

He told the meeting: “I propose that traffic lights like the ones [at the bridge] in Pencaitland are the best way forward.”

Mr Watson was referring to the lights that are in place at the narrow bridge on the A6093 in Pencaitland.

Councillor Jim Goodfellow, ward member, told the meeting: “There is money waiting to be spent from Cala [from a housing development in the town] and I think that you have just discussed what you need to do to spend it.”

Claire Mackenzie, interim chairwoman of the community council, said the group would write to East Lothian Council to find out how much has been ring-fenced.

Mrs Mackenzie described the bridge, the only route over the town’s railway line, as a “disaster”.

She said: “I know people who are so worried about there being an accident there that they just avoid the bridge altogether.”

Members also discussed a proposal from NBCC member Gordon Moodie for a second bridge to be built across the railway line.

On that suggestion, Mr Watson added: “That is something that we can do if there is [a lot of] money but it is an expensive solution.”

NBCC wants to engage with the community, including Law Primary School and North Berwick High School, about what they feel is the best solution.