THE head of drama at a private boarding school has been sacked over “deeply disturbing” allegations.

Daniel McLean-Steel, 49, was suspended by the headmaster of Loretto School in Musselburgh three weeks ago.

Dr Graham Hawley contacted parents last week, the Courier has learnt, to inform them that Mr McLean-Steel’s employment had been “terminated”.

Mr Hawley said: “The investigation has necessarily been a complex, detailed and thorough undertaking, and we have worked as expeditiously as we have been able.

“Understandably, during this period there have been a range of concerns and questions, and I hope that our personal responses to each have, wherever possible, served to inform and reassure you and others in so far as we have been able.

“The investigation has now been completed, and the outcome of the process has been to terminate the employment of a member of staff, Mr Daniel McLean-Steel.”

The headmaster told parents he expected questions about the “nature of the complaint”.

But he said he was not revealing any details in his statement “for legal reasons”, despite also confirming that there was no active police investigation.

In a previous statement, issued on September 12, the headmaster said that he had been “deeply disturbed by these allegations" and took them "very seriously".

Mr Hawley has now said: “As I have already indicated in my letter and statement of Wednesday 12 September 2018, the allegations were in relation to behaviours which are unacceptable and have no place in our community, and the investigation has found this to be the case.

“I can confirm there is no active police case in association with this matter at this time, and I can also confirm the allegations presented did not relate to current pupils of the school.

"For legal reasons, it is not appropriate that I make further comment on this.”

The headmaster told parents he has begun a recruitment process to find a new head of drama. He also urged parents to contact him if they have any further concerns.

When the allegations emerged Mr Hawley said he had alerted the Care Inspectorate.

A spokesman for the Care Inspectorate said: “We are aware of an alleged incident at this school and are satisfied the school have responded appropriately.

“We remain in close contact with the school. Anyone with a concern about a care service is encouraged to contact us.”

Mr McLean-Steel could not be reached for comment.