CUT-OUT cardboard cops could be used to slow down drivers in Dunbar.

The unusual tactic would involve placing a life-sized version of a police officer, holding a pro-laser speed gun, at the side of the road.

A 20mph vehicle speed limit was recently introduced throughout most of Dunbar and it has been suggested that cut-out police officers could be deployed to encourage motorists to slow down.

The issue was discussed at the town’s community and police partnership (CAPP) meeting.

Pippa Swan, from the town’s community council, was among those who felt that the idea – put forward by PC Gavin Ross – had merit.

She said: “I personally think that any suggestion our community police officers make has got to be taken very seriously. They know their patch better than anybody and we need to seriously consider it.

“I did go and do a little bit of research afterwards and they seem to be used pretty widely across Scotland, pretty successfully.”

If the ‘new additions’ were given the green light, East Lothian would follow in the footsteps of Edinburgh, the Scottish Borders and Dundee who already deploy the police cut-outs.


Mrs Swan said: “I don’t think they are very expensive. If it is just a reminder to people to slow down – it would be a good thing given speeding comes up time and again at CAPP meetings.”

The artificial police officers – named Bob – have been used outside Berwickshire High School, in Duns, in the Scottish Borders.

Andrew Mitchell, chairman of Duns’ community council, felt the ‘officers’ had been beneficial to the town.

He said: “They are pretty well full-size policemen facing you.

“At first glimpse, it looks like real policeman with a radar gun and that is enough to make you check your speed.

“I think, to that extent, it does work.”

But he added: “You have got to keep moving them to new locations – they cannot stay up in anyone place as people just get used to them.

“Obviously, they are not as effective as proper policemen but they are a reminder.”

Police Constable Gavin Ross, who chairs the Dunbar CAPP meetings, is to speak to senior officers to se if the cut-outs could be used in Dunbar.