FIZZY drinks are being banned at Preston Lodge High School, Prestonpans.

The new initiative will begin from October 1 and follows a successful trial month earlier this year, ‘Fizz-Free February’, when pupils were encouraged to only drink water in school.

Head Girl Anna Scott, 16, said that the move would have health benefits for pupils and increase concentration levels in classes.

“Get ready for a year of heightened focus and a stable, consistent level of energy throughout the day, along with improved learning ability,” she said.

“We are removing juice from our school and we need everyone to join in!”

She also explained that there would be an added incentive for pupils to throw away their sugary drinks.

“This time around we have decided to add a new reward system into the mix, along with an opportunity to support the house competition,” she added.

“During the first month we will be rewarding house points in registration to those who have brought water to school with them and extra points for those who do so with reusable bottles.

“The S6 events committee will be running a competition to see who can design the best poster for when the school goes fizz-free on October 1.

“There will be a prize for the winner and their creation will be posted around the school to advertise the event.”

Posters should be handed in to Mrs Nicoll by next Thursday (September 27) and must feature the phrase ‘Join the Cleanse’.

They can be either emailed (PDF) or presented in a hard copy, and must also convey a positive attitude towards the goal of a water-only school.