A DOG training facility could be created within a set of storage units in Macmerry Industrial Estate.

The former Hart Builders Office and Yard could be transformed under plans from neighbouring Had-Fab Ltd.

Currently the site, south of the A199 and east of the village, is made up of an office, industrial units and a storage area. The new plans are for a cafe within the office and the retention of the storage units, as well as the dog training facility.

The planning statement says: “The proposed dog training use would be operated by an East Lothian business that currently runs dog agility training classes outside, and dog obedience classes indoors.

“When the weather is inclement the trainer is unable to run her outdoor classes. The trainer’s current venue (a church hall) is very restrictive in terms of the times classes can be held. In addition the obedience equipment has to be transported to the venue, set up, taken down and transported back again, reducing the efficiency of the business.

“They have therefore been searching for some time for a more suitable location that provides affordable indoor space, a permanent address, a central location and good access.

“The indoor unit at Macmerry would provide an opportunity to grow the business.

“It would enable them to serve their large waiting list which cannot currently be served because of the restrictions of their current temporary location. The indoor facilities would ensure that those who have travelled will be guaranteed a class, no matter the weather.

“The dog training activities will not have an adverse impact on neighbouring businesses.”

The application notes that dogs would not be kept at the unit, while the existing office building and large industrial unit would be sub-divided to “provide an opportunity for small business owners and start-ups with a suitable space to locate and grow their businesses”.