A LUCKY dog has been rescued after becoming stuck at the bottom of cliffs in Dunbar.

The town’s lifeboat and Coastguard teams, alongside coastguard colleagues from North Berwick, were called out on Saturday afternoon after Maisie found herself in trouble on rocks near the Glebe.

The six-year-old spaniel had got her foot caught in her collar, with the inshore lifeboat (ILB) launched at about 4.20pm.

When they arrived, Maisie had freed herself and was making her own way back along rocks at the foot of cliffs at Winterfield towards the golf course.

Crew members left the lifeboat and tried to coax Maisie to safety as her owner, accompanied by members of Dunbar and North Berwick Coastguard teams, arrived.

With the help of a friend’s dog, Maisie was reunited with her owner moments later.

Although suffering from a sore paw and appearing wet and shaking, Maisie seemed otherwise none the worse for her ordeal.

Her owner, who lives near Winterfield Gold Club, said that Maisie was a rescue dog who loved running on the rocks and had managed to take off after someone left a garden gate open.

On this occasion, she seemed to get cut off by the tide and found herself in difficulty.

A spokesman for the Dunbar RNLI lifeboat team said: “Maisie’s owner did the right thing by calling the Coastguard for help.

“The RNLI’s advice to dog owners is always to seek help if their pets get into trouble.

“If they go into water or mud, move to a safe place and call them.

“Dogs often get themselves out of trouble but people risk finding themselves in danger if they enter the water to rescue them.”

The ILB returned to the station and by 5.20pm was refuelled and ready for service.