THIEVES have been slammed after helping themselves to conifers which were put in place to brighten up Gullane.

A green-fingered volunteer, Lorna Raeburn, created a number of planters along Main Street.

However, several of the planters have been targeted by thieves, with police now looking into the issue.

In a report to Gullane Area Community Council, police confirmed five conifer plants were stolen from various tubs on the street between July 16 and 19.

Now a sign has been put up outside Ramsay’s Family Butchers to shame the thief.

It reads: “To the plant thief, exactly what part of ‘for the community’ (people of Gullane) did you not understand?

“Plants stolen from the tubs here, The Deli, the bank.

“So, if you see that someone has suddenly acquired five beautiful conifers please name and shame.”

North Berwick Coastal ward member Councillor Jeremy Findlay, who lives in the village, was disappointed in the thefts. He said: “It is rather petty-minded and just shows no respect for those people in the community who want to brighten up the village.”