A FAMILY of ducklings who set up home in a courtyard at East Lothian Council’s Haddington headquarters are being given a helping hand by staff.

The mother duck arrived at the courtyard at John Muir House and found an enclosed area where she was able to keep her young safe from predators; however, it was lacking a pond.

Staff at the offices got together to provide food and water for the young family to help them thrive and survive in the hot summer – including providing a children’s paddling pool for them to swim in!

Doreen Chalmers, from the offices, said: “This year we have seen another couple of duckling flocks born in a courtyard area of John Muir House which has a pond but unfortunately the youngsters fell prey to a heron and other larger birds.

“The female of the latest flock chose a more enclosed square which contains plenty of shelter with shrubs and trees, so the ducklings remain out of sight to predators.

“A group of colleagues are helping the mother and ducklings and have installed small pools and are feeding them daily. When they are mature enough our Countryside Ranger colleagues will release them into appropriate habitats.”