INDIE rock band The Rah’s new single is being played on radio stations around the world after making the playlists of some of the most influential stations.

The band, from Prestonpans, released their latest single Survival through their independent platform EH32 Records last week and have been thrilled by the response it has received.

Lead singer Jack McLeod said the reaction from social media and local radio stations around the world had been amazing.

The band now hope to break through in the USA after independent radio show Passport Approved, which has been credited with helping the likes of Coldplay Muse, Adele and Dido find global success, added the single to its playlist.

The Passport Approved show is played on more than 70 radio stations over six continents, including in major US cities.

Jack said the band was excited about the future and was already planning to head Stateside.

He said: “The new single is going down a treat all over the globe! It’s had plays in Australia, Peru, Iran, Pakistan, Germany, Netherlands, a handful of American states to name a few.

“We’ve tried something a bit different, we’re glad everyone is enjoying it. Our sound has been rebuilt over the last year or so and it’s bigger than ever.

“The interest from America especially has been eye-opening so we’ve kind of planted a seed and are now desperate to get over there and show everyone we are ready for the step up. The west coast would probably be our area to kickstart the adventure so we will see where it goes.

“We are letting this release create a hype for itself and taking every opportunity.”

Sat Bisla, the Los Angeles-based DJ behind the Passport Approved show, said of the single: “If your ears need an adrenaline shot, we have you covered.”