A PUB argument between two men ended badly when one of them threw a glass which struck an innocent woman in the face.

Louis Luke became involved in a “minor altercation” with Darren Dudgeon after he had become “agitated and making gestures” towards Mr Dudgeon and his wife Amanda at the Mercat Hotel in Haddington.

As the situation escalated, Luke, 21, and Mr Dudgeon then started “pushing and grappling” with each other before Luke launched the glass tumbler at his opponent.

But the heavily drunk Luke missed his target and the glass instead smashed into 36-year-old Amanda Dudgeon’s face.

The woman suffered two deep cuts to her face and was rushed to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh where she had 10 stitches inserted in the wounds.

Luke, of Princess Mary Road, Haddington, appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court last Thursday, where he pleaded guilty to the glass attack.

Fiscal depute Rachel Aedy told the court that “a heavily intoxicated” Luke and the Dudgeons were drinking separately in the bar of the Mercat Hotel on October 14 last year.

Ms Aedy said: “The accused appeared to be in an agitated state and was making gestures towards Mr and Mrs Dudgeon and their friend.

“There was a minor altercation involving pushing, shoving and grappling between Mr Dudgeon and the accused.

“The accused then picked up a half pint glass and threw it but it struck Amanda Dudgeon on the chin.”

The glass attack was seen by bar staff, who recognised the attacker, and Luke subsequently ran off from the bar into the street.

He was later traced and during a police interview at Dalkeith Police Station Luke said: “I don’t think the assault was meant for her.”

Defence solicitor Andrew Docherty said that his client was undertaking a joinery apprenticeship with his father’s firm and lived at home with his mother and sister.

Mr Docherty added: “He has no memory of the incident as he had drunk so heavily.”

Sheriff Frank Crowe deferred sentence to next month for the preparation of reports and a restriction of liberty assessment to be carried out.

Luke admitted assaulting Amanda Dudgeon by throwing a glass at her and striking her to the face to her severe injury and permanent disfigurement at the Mercat Hotel, Haddington, on October 14 last year.