LOTTERY millionaire John Edmond has undertaken a suitably large-scale celebration to mark the creation of the National Lottery’s 5,000th millionaire. . . by climbing Ben Nevis to conduct the UK’s highest Lottery champagne spray!

John, 35, from Port Seton, won £1 million in the EuroMillions draw on June 26, 2015, but he remained in his job as a roofer, insisting he wanted to keep working.

He took on the challenge to climb more than 4,400 feet and faced treacherous weather conditions to mark the Lottery’s milestone and tick off a lifelong dream from his bucket list.

It comes as new research reveals that more than half of the millionaires are now spending more on experiences rather than possessions.

Looking at their shopping trends across time, out have gone designer watches, ride-on mowers, racehorses and conservatories, and in have come protecting woodlands, paying university fees and bar/games rooms.

John said: “I’ve always wanted to climb Ben Nevis so when the opportunity arose, I was up for the challenge.

“I’m not an avid hill walker, nor do I have much climbing experience, so I was a bit nervous as I knew I would have my work cut out – but excited to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

“Scotland was looking glorious in the sunshine when we initially left ground level; however, the conditions quickly changed as we reached the halfway mark – typical Scottish weather!

“Visibility was poor, I couldn’t see two or three feet in front of me, and the wind speeds were averaging 40mph.

“The heavy snow on the ground made it more challenging – but to me, it was all part of the adventure.

“With tough climbing, there were moments I was unsure if I was going to make it to the top, so I can’t put into words how I felt when I finally reached the summit.

“To know I was standing on the UK’s highest peak was an unbelievable achievement, made all the better with a chilled glass of champagne in my hand.

“I was honoured that the National Lottery asked me to participate in this opportunity out of all the millionaires in Scotland – it’s certainly one I will never forget.”

The National Lottery Millionaire report also reveals that gifting to friends, family and charity remains the top priority for winners, with a further 1,750 millionaires created by winners sharing their wealth.