IN TERMS of its natural habitat, a busy railway station is perhaps not where you would expect to find a monkey.

However, staff at Edinburgh Waverley are trying to reunite a youngster from East Lothian with their cuddly toy monkey after it was dropped on the railway line.

It was lost at platform four at the station last Thursday and it is known to belong to a family from East Lothian.

A member of the public got in touch with Network Rail to say that her daughter had dropped the toy onto the tracks but ScotRail have been unable to get back in touch and reunite the duo.

The monkey has been retrieved from the line and even taken home for a bath by the station manager.

Now, ScotRail are trying to help the toy find its way back to its owner.

Mark Thomson, duty manager for ScotRail at Edinburgh Waverley Station, said: “After a bit of monkey business, we got him off the tracks and gave him a wash.

“All we need to do now is find his owner – I’m sure someone’s going bananas without him.”