A BID to introduce one-way traffic on a busy street is being held up by a single objection, it has emerged.

Last year, East Lothian Council launched a public consultation exercise on limiting traffic flow on Tranent’s New Row.

The road connects Bridge Street and Elphinstone Road but the carriageway is often very narrow due to parked vehicles – making it difficult for cars travelling in opposite directions to pass each other.

A one-way system, with traffic moving from east to west towards Elphinstone Road, has long been mooted.

However, the scheme has stalled on the basis of a single objection. . . by someone who does not live on New Row but on nearby Bridge Street. Any unresolved objections need to go a Scottish Government-appointed Reporter.

Ward councillor Colin McGinn told the Courier: “I think we need to have a one-way system on New Row.

“It has become apparent over the last few years that the volume of cars and car use is increasing right across the county and New Row is no different.

“I think that, as somebody that uses that road numerous times every day, it is becoming more and more obvious that [the situation there] is not changing and more and more you are finding you come up against cars coming from the other direction, which requires you to take evasive action.”

Mr McGinn was in favour of the one-way system running from east to west. That would see only vehicles heading from High Street and Bridge Street allowed to travel along New Row towards Elphinstone Road.

Mr McGinn felt that the move was “long overdue” and was hopeful it would get the green light. He was also confident that introducing the one-way system would not lead to drivers simply speeding along the street.

The councillor, who lives in Tranent, said: “The council will be looking to put in place a system, something that highlights you are going into a one-way system.”

David Forrest, chairman of Tranent and Elphinstone Community Council, was hopeful the issue could be resolved. He backed the idea of a one-way system but stressed the views of the people on New Row had to be taken into account.

A spokeswoman for East Lothian Council said: “We received one objection from a resident in Bridge Street.

“They expressed a concern about a decrease in air quality in front of their property if more traffic is going along Bridge Street.

“East Lothian Council carried out air quality monitoring and have been in touch with the resident but he is adamant in his objection.”

A report is now being prepared which will be submitted to a Scottish Government-appointed reporter.

They will then make a decision or advise on how the issue could be resolved.

Once the local authority report is sent, there is a target of 12 weeks for a decision to be made.