A FRIENDLY face at a county medical centre is getting ready to hang up her stethoscope after more than 20 years.

Dr Agnes Durie has been part of the staff at Gullane Medical Centre for 23 years but is set to say farewell next Thursday (April 19).

Dr Durie, who was born in Pencaitland, told the Courier she was going to miss the practice but felt the time was right.

She said: “I also run a smallholdings farm with my husband, John, and we have still got to do that.

“I also do a lot of gardening and I have still to come down here to the medical centre and do it. I do the garden here and will still be down on a semi-regular basis.

“I also help with Muirfield Riding Therapy with the fundraising.”

The 62-year-old, who lives near Ballencrieff, said there had been a number of changes since she started at the village’s medical practice.

Understandably, the biggest one was the move from one side of the village’s Main Street to the other.

She said: “I started off at the old surgery, which was minute compared to this one.

“At Broadgait Green, we literally had two consulting rooms, a very small office and that was it.

“We had 60 square metres and we now have over 600 square metres – it is a huge change.

“You no longer have to get out of the room for the next person to come in.”

The new medical centre, on Hamilton Road, opened in 2014 beside the village’s day centre.

It is not the only change, with the village increasing in size.

Dr Durie, who has three sons, Robert, Andy and Alastair, said: “The number of patients has gone up.

“We have got a very high percentage of elderly people.

“There are patients who have known me all the way through my time here.”

Councillor Jeremy Findlay, North Berwick Coastal ward member and former chairman of the village’s community council, wished Dr Durie well in her upcoming retirement.

He said: “I know from personal experience how she is a great doctor and she has done a great service to the community in Gullane.

“She will be sorely missed and I think everyone will wish her all the best in her retirement.”