AN APPEAL has been launched for volunteers to look after puppies and start them on their path as guide dogs.

Volunteers care for a guide dog puppy from seven weeks of age until they are between 12 and 15 months old and ready to join Guide Dog Training School.

Local MSP and Guide Dog volunteer Iain Gray said: “East Lothian is a great place to raise a guide dog puppy, and the county has quite a few volunteers. However, there are not enough for new puppies coming through.

“It is a commitment, but it is great fun, and you get all the help and advice you need. 

“There is a really supportive community of volunteers in the county, and regular training meetings are held in East Lothian too. The pride of hearing that a puppy you have trained has become a guide dog really is special!”

Volunteers need to be at home for the majority of the day, have a securely fenced garden and be able to socialise the dog in lots of different environments, such as shops, cafes and on public transport.

Anyone interested should visit walking or call 0345 143 0203.