FORMER The X Factor star Caitlyn Vanbeck has given her support to a fundraising page for a woman who once surprised her with a random act of kindness as she busked in Edinburgh.

The Tranent singer describes Fiona Munro, who is from Perthshire, as one of the most inspirational people she has ever met.

Last week she called on everyone to support a crowdfunding page to raise £200,000 for private treatment for Fiona, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in January 2016 and, after going into remission, was told earlier this year the disease had returned.

Fiona, 32, has written about her battle in her book Love, Light and Mermaid Tails – One Woman’s Healing Journey Back to Wholeness Through Stage Four Cancer.

She made headlines when she began giving people envelopes with cash inside in random acts of kindness and met Caitlyn through that.

Caitlyn appealed to people to support Fiona, saying: “A few years ago I was utterly blessed to be met by Fiona Munro and her ‘random act of kindness’ whilst busking to almost no one in the middle of Edinburgh.

“This woman grew to be one of the most inspirational people I would ever meet and has continued to inspire me every single day. I want to give back to Fi and I need your help to do this.

“To cut it short, Fi fought cancer for month upon month but unfortunately it has come back and without this money she doesn’t have much time left.

“I want all of Scotland, all of the world, to come together, donating as little or as much as you can.

“Think about it, if everyone who saw this donated as little as £5 and then shared this we could save Fi’s life.”

To find out more and support Fiona, go to