A SILENT protest outside the alleged home of a sex offender descended into chaos as police officers clashed with local youths.

The protest, in The Hedges, Tranent, yesterday (Thursday) evening was organised by a local campaign group.

However police attending the scene were quickly caught up in skirmishes with local youths who were at the scene.

Video footage appears to show one youngster push a policeman from behind before being grabbed by his colleagues.

At least three police men and a police woman struggle with the youngster in the street, while another young person was also seen being led away by officers.

One protestor posted a video on her Facebook page saying: "The police turned up and gate crashed it (the protest) and asked everyone to leave. Because everyone did not leave as fast as they wanted they became very heavy-handed."

However other witnesses reported a window was smashed at the scene and said the police were simply doing their job in protecting the peace.

The Courier has asked Police Scotland for a comment.