THE Fraser Centre is appealing to the community to help with a final push as it aims to find funding to transform the building into a thriving community hub.

The community trust which runs the centre has raised an incredible £2.4 million towards its vision for the former derelict building.

But it has been told that it needs a further £400,000 for the project to go ahead and, with time running out on some of the grants already secured, it is launching a campaign to raise the additional money in just a month.

The trust, which was formed in 2011 to rebuild the former Winton Cinema picture house into a multi-functional, attractive arts and cultural centre, has ambitious plans to include on the site a large but flexible cinema/theatre space which would also serve a range of other functions and events; smaller rooms to provide learning, development and activity space; a cafe to serve as a focal point for the centre; and a series of small offices to be rented to community organisations.

It would be owned and managed by local people for the benefit of the community and, working with a range of partners, The Fraser Centre aims to host a wide scope of activity for people of all age groups and all backgrounds.

Jonny Russell, chairperson of the trust, said: “We have raised an amazing £2.4 million so far for the project, which we believed would be enough.

“However, following our tender process, we now have to raise an additional £400,000 to achieve our vision of rebuilding The Fraser Centre to help regenerate the town centre.

“We all live in such an amazing community and my plea from this fundraising cause is to complete what we started at The Fraser Centre.

“We want to create a fantastic community hub for the benefit of all our residents, young and old.

“The problem we are facing is time-restricted grants that will expire at the end of March.

“We are in conversation with current and potential new funders to help raise the funds, as well as working with the design team to identify cost savings.

“We are also planning a series of fundraising events, as well as launching our crowdfunding page, and ask for your support to help us complete an exhausting journey and get us to the finish line.”

The trust will be announcing a series of community fundraiser events. Individuals or businesses can also make a donation online. Full details can be found at