A “NUMBER of areas” for improvement have been identified at North Berwick's Law Primary School following a review by East Lothian Council’s education service.

Communication and engagement with the school community were highlighted as areas that required addressing by the school’s senior management team following the review.

Greater support for primary four pupils is also required, while the review found that staff did not have a “shared understanding of inclusion”.

A letter was sent to parents this week by Fiona Robertson, the council’s head of education, which said that the review took place as a result of “a range of concerns” expressed by staff and parents.

And while the majority of parents who responded to a survey carried out by the review team said they were satisfied with how the school was meeting their child’s needs, there were a number of areas of concern.

The letter from Ms Robertson said that staff required additional resources and that support staff felt there was a need for improved communication at the primary school.

And it recommended that the school “needs to develop consistent leadership of pupil support” and that “greater time needs to be devoted to supporting all staff in meeting children’s needs”.

An additional P4 teacher is also being sought, where “greater support” is required for pupils to make sure they are making “appropriate progress”.

Meanwhile, specialist support will be given to staff throughout the school to help them meet pupils’ individual needs.

In her letter, the head of education said: “The education service will continue to support the school and will monitor progress with regard to the identified areas for improvement.”

The review and its findings will be discussed by Jill Wareham, the school’s headteacher, at the next meeting of the parent council.

Stacy Cathcart, co-chair of Law Primary Parent Council said: “The parent council will be discussing the review with parents and carers at the parent council meeting on March 19.

“We will be working closely with the school as it develops its action plan in response to the recommendations made in the review.”