AN EAGLE snow sculpture created on the banks of the River Tyne at Haddington caused a stir among passers-by on Friday - but was destroyed by vandals in just a few hours.

Well-known county wildlife artist Darren Woodhead and his family spent time creating the stunning bird of prey overlooking the water on Friday.

It caused a stir with people taking pictures of the work of art as it stood proudly near the Nungate Bridge.

But Darren revealed it only lasted a few hours after he discovered it had been destroyed.

Darren reported the vandalism on Twitter after he had shared a picture of his family's work.

However he was back out today to rebuild the eagle to Twitter followers delight.

Darren shared new pictures with the announcement “the eagle has landed again!”

Earlier Darren told the Courier he and his family had enoyed creating the alternative snowman sculpture.

He said: "It has been getting a lot of attention from people passing."