LORETTO School in Musselburgh will turn into a real-life ‘School of Witchcraft & Wizardry’ this summer when it welcomes actors from the smash-hit Harry Potter movies.

There will be props and set builds inspired by the hit films, which were based on JK Rowling’s multi-million-selling series of books about a young wizard.

The Weasley family’s flying Ford Anglia car will be coming to the county, as well as a host of other attractions including wand duelling classes.

The first star to be announced as taking part is Madam Irma Pince – the librarian in the second Harry Potter movie The Chamber of Secrets. She will be be reprising her role in full costume in the school of wizardry’s first-floor library. Played by actress Sally Mortemore from Buckinghamshire, she will be on hand to help find a copy of Hogwarts A History, Where There’s a Wand There’s a Way or The Monster Book of Monsters.

Loretto parent Fiona Quilietti has organised the magical event, which will be held on August 3, 4 and 5 at the school’s Pinkie Campus, heralding the start of the month-long Edinburgh Festival.

A fan of the Harry Potter books and films, she explained the thinking behind idea, saying: “Driving along past the racecourse every day, seeing the beautiful gates, looking at the grounds and buildings of Loretto really got my imagination going.

“Once I was inside, that was it – it was like stepping into the corridors of the wizarding school itself.

“I knew I just had to make this happen.”

Brought to Musselburgh by Monopoly Events’ brand For the Love of Fantasy, the School of Witchcraft & Wizardry is independently run and has been six months in the making. It will take place from 9am to 6pm over the three days.

Fiona said: “The greatest thing these magical books have given us is the power to use our imagination no matter what age we are.

“This is a gathering of fans of all ages who will have the chance to be part of something very special.”

She said question-and-answer sessions would be held, along with autograph signings. Other attractions are quidditch games, a Nimbus 2000 Greenscreen, drinking butterbeer and eating chocolate frogs along with other wizarding treats supplied by Beauregards Candy Co. There will be many other surprises in store, including a cosplay/costume competition with a grand prize, live stage shows and wizard’s chess.

Cosplayers at the event include Harry Potter-inspired characters such as Albus Dumbledore, Sirius Black, Dolores Umbridge, Luna Lovegood and a centaur.

Both children and adults are invited to follow suit and dress up as their favourite character in a bid to win the grand prize.

Jonathan Hewat, Loretto’s director of communications, said: “We can’t think of a finer or more appropriate setting for this three-day School of Witchcraft and Wizardry than Loretto School’s 400-year-old Pinkie House.

“It promises to be a fabulously entertaining event and I am greatly looking forward to attending.”

A ticket-only event, tickets are available from fortheloveoffantasy.com/tickets or over the phone by calling the TicketQuarter Hotline on 0344 800 0410 (same cost as calling a normal landline number). Phone lines are open Monday to Saturday 9am-9pm, and Sundays and bank holidays 10am-5pm.