FIRST-YEAR pupils at Preston Lodge High School enjoyed a snow-filled adventure on a trip to Lagganlia Centre for Outdoor Learning in the Cairngorms.

Almost all the year group were able to take part in the trip, which was split into two excursions and funded with the support of the school’s Learning Foundation and donations.

Pupils also carried out beach cleans to raise cash towards the trip, which saw them take advantage of the snowfall to include snowboarding and igloo-making among their outdoor activities.

Teacher Katie Walling reported that the trip had been a huge success.

She said: “We were lucky enough to get substantial snowfall, which meant that pupils and staff had the opportunity to try cross-country and downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and building igloos, as well as climbing and abseiling. 

“Pupils also participated in a programme of evening activities, being inspired by a talk from the ‘First Piper’ and singing in  – almost – unison around the campfire.

“We would like to say a huge thank you to Stewart Investors and our other funders for their generous financial support, which meant that the cost of the trip was not a barrier to any of our S1 attending.

“It was an absolute delight for both PL staff and the instructors at Lagganlia to witness the improvements in confidence, resilience and responsibility amongst our young people, as well as the respect and kindness they demonstrated in encouraging members of their groups.

“As one pupil said: ‘What I’ve learned this week is that when you try new things you think you’re going to be rubbish at them, but then you try them and it turns out that you can be really good at them.’”