THE speed limit through Tyninghame has been halved.

Concerns about the 60 miles per hour speed limit through the village have been repeatedly raised by Dunpender Community Council.

Now, a traffic regulation order has been drawn up to see the speed limit dropped to 30mph, with a 40mph limit put in place for a short stretch on the A198 to the east of the village.

Signs highlighting the changes are due to be erected within a matter of days, with the new limits then becoming live.

A spokeswoman for East Lothian Council said: “The change of speed limit came from a request by Dunpender Community Council and was added to the February 2017 cabinet report, alongside various other speed limit requests/alterations. 

“All speed limits on A and B class roads are de-restricted (60mph) unless there is a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to state otherwise. 

“The TRO for Tyninghame has now been through the statutory process and signs will be going up within the next two weeks.

“The order is permanent and supported by Police Scotland.”

Anne Jolly, who was previously a member of Dunpender Community Council but resigned recently, lives in the village.

She said “practically everybody” in Tyninghame had been consulted about the changes.

Mrs Jolly added that there had been “one or two” people calling for the speed limit to be dropped to 20mph through the village but she was happy to see it being reduced to 30mph instead.

A meeting in Tyninghame Village Hall in the summer of 2016 had seen the idea of changing the speed limit through the village and on the A198 being raised.

It came at the same time as police officers, who attended that meeting, also carried out speed checks on the A198, with at least two drivers issued with fixed penalty tickets.

Concerned residents had got in touch with the police about the issue, with the matter then passed on to the council.